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 Miley Cyrus Fan Amy Colalella Wins “Are You A Superstar” Contest

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Datum upisa : 24.03.2010

PočaljiNaslov: Miley Cyrus Fan Amy Colalella Wins “Are You A Superstar” Contest   Čet Mar 25, 2010 10:48 pm

Miley Cyrus fan, Amy Colalella, won an online talent search conducted by the Miley Cyrus fan club organization. The “Are you A Superstar” Contest was a year and a half search with 8,000 individuals competing.

For winning the competition, Amy’s prize is a record contract through the Cyrus Organization as well as voice lessons from Miley Cyrus herself!

Amy is expected to be releasing her first single in just a few months – we wonder if it will make its way onto Radio Disney?

Amy said about winning the competition: “I’m ecstatic. I started crying when I found out. The whole thing is completely surreal to me, and it is all starting to sink in. I’m so blessed to be in this situation. The journey was extremely long, stressful and tiring, but a complete thrill. I have met an amazing group of people from all over the world that have been extremely supportive of me.”

Jason Gluck, the Director of Digital Media for the Miley Cyrus Organization, said about Amy: “This is an overwhelming success for Amy. Over the course of the last four or five rounds, she was among the top in every single one. That was quite amazing. Every week, people from around the world watched in anticipation of Amy’s vocal displays. Each week she got stronger, putting her own spin on some great songs by truly wonderful vocalists, and held her own. She earned the respect of her peers as a true artist, one with both musical and vocal talent.”

Prevod ukratko:
Neka Amy je pobedila na takmicenju "Are YOu a Superstar" i ona ce sad dobijati lakcije od Miley Cyrus, tj uci ce od Majli....

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Miley Cyrus Fan Amy Colalella Wins “Are You A Superstar” Contest
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